The Moon, Europa

The Moon, Europa

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Rail Guns

The larger versions of accelerator weapons found on inter-planetary ships were still referred to as rail guns , after the ones commonly used on the ocean going naval vessels of Earth during the mid twenty first century. Although the twenty first century versions used rails instead of accelerator coils, they are still referred to by this common name.


Jonas Black lives a peaceful life in the Europa mining colony and has spent the last two years building Manta— a submarine with an onboard artificial intelligence that soon becomes one of his closest friends. When Jonas embarks on a journey to explore the planetary ocean of Jupiter's moon Europa, he does not expect to discover the secret beginnings of life on the planet and place himself on the edge of a battle for his very life.
Deep in the trenches of Europa's ocean Jonas discovers an abandoned undersea science facility, and although the magnificent ship he salvages from it is even better than the sunken treasures of old, the mystery lurking within this facility is chilling.
Once surfaced, Jonas must quickly discover what he is made of and reconcile the collapse of his near religious belief in science and his sudden position within the sights of an assassin's gun. When he learns of the brutal and bloody coup that has transpired in his absence, Jonas must venture into the abyss and help his friends and family take back the colony from the hands of ruthless mercenaries before it's too late.
Jonas, together with an old mentor, and his two best friends finds that there are still people who will fight for their freedom against those who would enslave the people of their colony. Through faith, cunning and simple good luck, they just might manage to overthrow their oppressors and return peace to Europa. In a beautifully woven tale of betrayal, love, tragedy and redemption, author J.A. Sanderlin fights an interplanetary war for Europa, and the freedom of the people who live there.