The Moon, Europa

The Moon, Europa

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The reviews are in ... sort of

To all my faithful and loyal readers,

There are a lot of ways you can help me.  Buy books, to begin with.  But also, after you have read the book, would you mind reviewing it too?  Be honest and truthful but it would be great if you could take the time to review it on sites like and  Also, places like which would be international, would also help get the book "out there" as well.

I sincerely appreciate your help in advance.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Pictures of Mars ...

New pictures of the Mojave Crater on Mars.  This is a 37 mile-wide crater which is 1.6 miles in depth.  Huge.  But it's not the biggest, nor the best known crater.  What's interesting about the Mojave Crater is the ice.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Borders Book Signing

Many thanks to my friends and fans who were at the Borders book signing event in Arlington this Saturday. The staff was great and generous with the coffee. Thank you: Alex, Pat, Leo, Michael, Andrea, Rob, Amy, Shay, Beckie, Jade, Tammy, Arwin and everyone else I had the opportunity to sign a book for and talk with about writing, science and everything else in between. 
I had a great time and am already looking forward to the Dallas Sci-Fi Expo on April 24th.

Friday, March 12, 2010

One of the 7 Wonders of the Universe?

"Wherever there is water, there is life..."

I am so excited to see that the non-scientific community is showing great interest in this most amazing of natural phenomenon.  It's possible that in our lifetime, we could see the actual, physical, quantifiable data that the Europa 2020 mission shows us through photographs.  This is the beginning of the beginning and finally, we can get excited about what NASA is doing again.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Typos, Mistakes and Inadvertent Omissions

Most publishers rely on self-editing and so you may find some typos, mistakes and inadvertent omissions in the book.  I will be keeping and updating a list of those on this blog.  Please feel free to add to the list through comments.  Many of these have already been submitted to the publisher for correction on the next printing but I will be keeping the list current anyway.

Page 10, line 14 should be: "... solved problems and ran all of ..."
Page 77, line 2 should be:  "We want to tell them..."
Page 91, line 10 should be: "He and one of his men and lured me...
Page 102, line 14 should be: "I need to find ..."
Page 106, line 14, should be: "It was whom he had expected,"
Page 147, line 10 should be: "I don't care how much Daniels is paying him..."
Page 162, line 21 should be: "Katherine would lose her him..."
Page 162, line 30 should have a paragraph indentation.
Page 164, line 26 should be: " it that you reach to your ship..."
Page 238, line 31 should be: "...KCatherine said..."
Page 286, line 8 should be: "I think I understand."
Page 321, line 20 should be: "Send one man out to meet me."
Page 335, line 24 should be: "How long will that take?”
Page 349, line 1 should be: “he could see the...”

An update on the Europa 2020 mission from BBC News

The link below relates a Q&A with BBC News and NASA scientist Dr Robert Pappalardo.  This is really good information about the expected outcomes and the purpose of this mission.  Like me, NASA agrees that Europa is a great place to start to look for possible environments which could support life.  I encourage you to visit the link below: