The Moon, Europa

The Moon, Europa

Friday, April 26, 2013

Asteroid Harvesting

     There are many companies trying to get in on the - yet to be profitable - private space industry. One I particularly like is Planetary Resources. I first read about the company in January on They have a fairly practical approach to getting their feet wet, or in the vacuum, by sending small satellites to investigate and, eventually, lasso and harvest asteroids. Their theory is that by providing ready to use natural resources, such as fuel, to communications satellites and eventually water and metals to astronauts and construction projects, they will not only be the first to potentially make money on their venture, but will also enable other companies to step up their own timetables.
     Harvesting resources on site is key to keeping costs low in the space industry; it is simply too expensive to send all the materials humans need to explore into orbit. I am glad there are private citizens and companies (Google is backing PR) taking the initiative to expand the reach of humanity into the stars. History teaches us many lessons, not the least of them being: people go where there is money to be made. I for one hope there is a lot of money to be made in space!

Here is their latest article on

Monday, April 22, 2013

Movie Review: Oblivion

     I watched the new Tom Cruise Science Fiction flick Oblivion  this weekend. I was intrigued by they previews and the film did not disappoint. The story was solid, although I thought the previews/trailers gave up a little too much of the plot, and had some good twists. Tom Cruise's character is a high tech maintenance man for automated drones that protect several massive power plants on a futuristic, post apocalyptic Earth. His nostalgia for old Earth artifacts and history cause him to be, at times, dangerously curious about his hostile surroundings. This curiosity eventually leads him to the discovery that there is a more sinister force behind the Earth's destruction than the remaining aliens that keep attacking his drones. The only cliche' I thought the film could have done without was its singular use of the 'F-bomb' at the end; a phrase that could have been better filled by a clever witticism.
     Oblivion is a suspenseful, action packed and fascinating film with a refreshingly original story. I enjoyed watching it and would go watch it again, if I actually had the time. I cannot quite give Oblivion an 8, so I'll give it an enthusiastic 7 out of 10.